According to, Jorge Masvidal is saying that many fighters looks very different after USADA started testing UFC fighters. Vitor Belfort might be a very good example of this. Masvidal would not accuse or clear George St. Pierre for using PEDs(Performance-enhancing substance), but he is putting the question out there. With evidence present now, it might not be fair to imply that GSP have been using PEDs.

There are a lot of fighters that looks that they have been using something. Some fighters might appear to be unnaturally muscular  and have very tense bone structure. When we see this, it´s easy to become suspicious towards these fighters for using PEDs. We have seen fighters that are well known for insanely good cardio, suddenly seems to have lost their incredible cardio advantage over their opponents after USADA starting testing. If an athlete take EPO in the evening, it is often undetectable the morning after. Athletes with resources can still cheat with PEDs and not get caught. Keep in mind sometimes fighters travel to distant far east tropical island to do their training. Do fighters do this to minimize risk of being caught for PEDs use, or are there other reasons for these far away training camps. Alistar Overeem is a fighter that have been caught cheating with elevated testosterone levels, and he have been training in Thailand on several occasions. Has Alistar Overeem taken these trips to far away places just to “juice up”?


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