Ex-UFC contender Sonnen signs with Bellator.

Chael Sonnen coming of a three year suspension for multiple illegal substance abuse. When Chael Sonnen was ask some months ago if he was returning to MMA, Sonnen answered he wasn’t shure he was going to pass the USADA drug test, so he didn’t know. In other words Chael Sonnen has maybe been on illegal drugs while on suspension, a now returning to sports. If this is the case, than this is very sad for the sport of MMA. A high profile fighter, known for cheating is back, and in this case still seems to big a unclean fighter. Bellator recently got a great fighter to their roaster when they signed Rory MacDonald. For everyone who wants to see a clean MMA sport, must be sad seeing Bellator sign Chael Sonnen.

Chael Sonnen is coming out of retirement, declaring that he’s ready to fight “right now.” Sonnen signed with Bellator and said he’s targeting a November fight with fellow UFC alumnus Tito Ortiz.

Source: Ex-UFC contender Sonnen signs with Bellator