Update: it seems like Brok Lesnar has tested positive for clomiphene, the same substance Jon Jones tested positive for. 

Brock Lesnar failed out of and  in competition drug test at UFC 200. We don’t know what banned substances he popped for yet, the answer we will learn probably in August or September this year. 

If we consider Brock Lesnar’s background that is American football and pro wrestling in the WWE, and his huge huge muscular size. Than it is very  obvious that Lesnar has been on some PEDs for the most of his career. How ever he has not tested positive for any illegal substances until now at UFC 200. I guess many people have a hard time understanding why it took this long before Brock Lesnar got caught. Despite this knowledge UFC still gave him an exemption by not get tested at least 4 months before a come back in the sport. Everybody else in the UFC must be subjected to out of competition testing for at least 4 months by USADA4 before they can compete. Brock Lesnar didn’t get drug tested until just before UFC 200, and still he got busted for illegal substances. 

“Everyone” knew that Brock Lesnar has been on illegal substances, and know it’s proven too. Every journalist that covered UFC 200 seemed to give  Brock Lesnar a pass on hard questions, and asked no question regarding drug test and the exemption discussed above. Brock Lenar’s opponent at UFC 200, Mark Hunt, lost the fight. He is very disappointed in the UFC for giving Brock Lesnar exemption from the 4 months rule, and letting Brock Lesnar fight. Because of Brock Lesnar’s failed drug test, Mark Hunt has demanded a big part of Brock Lesnar purse or be released from his contract with the UFC. UFC has not yet commented on this publicly. 

The sport of MMA took a big hit when UFC booked Brock Lesnar to fight at UFC 200.  It seemed to take cleaning up the sport seriously. The only way they can correct this mistake his to publicly apologise and say: we did a mistake, it will never happen again. The UFC should also compensate Mark Hunt gracefully for what they have put him through. His three last opponents were all on PEDs.