It is disappointing and troubling that a title contender like Valérie Létourneau, don´t understand that steroids cheaters like Hector Lombard has no business being at a sports event. Hector Lombard got one years suspension for being caught using a designer steroid. Lombard should have been suspended for several years for this offence. It is sad that Valérie Létourneau just choose to complain about that Lombard can´t corner in her championship fight. It would be sad if we get a champion with this approach to doping.

Valerie Letourneau is not happy that her teammate Hector Lombard will not be able to corner her for the title fight against Joanna Jedrzejczyk at UFC 193, because Lombard is currently suspended for failing a drug test.

Source: Valerie Letourneau: It’s ‘disgusting’ USADA won’t let Hector Lombard corner me – MMA Fighting