Diaz-stWell, every Nick Diaz fans is very disappointed today, Nevada Athletic Commission was discussing lifetime ban for Nick Diaz. For many people it doesn´t feel right to get a lifetime ban for a banned substans that is not performance enhancing. The future of one of the most exciting fighters in the world is in jeopardy. The final verdict from NASC was 5 years suspension, and 33% of Nick Diaz 500 000 Dollar purse. Maybe this was a bit harsh? 5 years suspension for Nick Diaz is a career ender, maybe this well be undone?

Nick Diaz lawyers said the hearing wasn´t fair, and the ruling wasn´t based on the fact in the case. It wasn´t a fair hearing. This was the reason Nick Diaz wouldn´t answer any question in the hearing.

It seems now that UFC is supporting Nick Diaz in his battle with Nevada Athletic Commission.