Jon FitchAnother MMA Star is caught cheating. Now also the former UFC and currently WSOF fighter Jon Fitch fails drug test. Just like the Jon Jones and Anderson Silva situation, the test took place before fight night, and revealed after the bout. It is time that the athletic commission speed up the drug test process and stops fight that should be stopped.

The most alarming thing about the Jon Fitch situation is that we do not know what he has been caught for. Some rumours say it is about elevated levels of testosterone. It is like Jake Shields situation all over again. Some people seems to think this is private information. It is not, if you fail drug test in professional sports you give up the right to conceal relevant information about your PED´s abuse. In a combat sports you can seriously hurt your opponent, specially if you have a edge in your game because of PEDs. Jon Fitch should not be allowed to fight in any fight promotion before he has revealed is failed drug test, and had proper suspension that suits is crime. If you are messing with steroids, 6-9-12 months is not enough, because you will still benefit from steroids for 10 years after use.

Jon Fitch should release all the information about is failed drug test, apologise, do the suspension, and come back to the MMA sport clean and drug free. If or when Jon Fitch comes back, he should do his best to “clean up” the sport. If he still keeps is failed drug test hidden for public, we should all forget about him and move on. The most awesome sport in the world that MMA is, have no room for dopers.