iWell, many people call him the all time greatest fighter, but that has all gone away now. Anderson Silva test positive for drostanolone metabolites and androsterone. Anderson Silva recently defeated Nick Diaz at UFC 183, and the big question is. Did the best man win? The Gym Black House MMA have now including Anderson Silva, 3 recent failed drug tests for anabolic steroids, the two other fighters are Kevin Casey and Brian Ortega. Maybe it is time that UFC suspend gym that do not have a sufficient drug testing program for their fighters, and have multiple failed drug tests. Fighters that use and/or are busted for PED´s, should be kicked out of their gyms.

Anderson Silva had a great name in Mixed Marial Arts around the world, and now he will be known as a cheater. It is just sad, but it tell us that the drug testing is starting to work better, catching the bad seeds. Anderson Silva is saying:

I have not taken any performance enhancing drugs.

According to MMAMania.com, Anderson Silva is likely be in attendance at a meeting with Nevada Athletics commission on on Feb. 17. It doesn´t look good for Anderson Silva, but it is to soon to conclude at this time. Anderson Silva´s crying in the Octagon after is win, gets at least some new light, there might have been many thoughts going through is mind. We can all feel bad for the man, he did a really stupid thing that might question his whole career? “All time great” is not deserving if the conclusion is that he has been cheating.