IMG_0337.JPGThere is a lot of rumours surrounding Jon Jones these days. Two issues stand out. A drug test showing cocaine use, and a inconclusive drug test that that might indicated steroids use or some blockers.

Rumours about the inclusive result that might indicate that Jon Jones were using some illegal performance enhancing drugs. According to, there has been a Carbon Isotope test that has cleared Jon Jones for any synthetic testosterone in his system. So at this time there is no evidence supporting the rumours that Jon Jones has been used perforemance enhancers. Drug test result from fight day is however not be released yet.

There is no disputes about the positive test for benzoylecgonine, which is the main metabolite in cocaine. Jon Jones has apologised for this and release statement that he has entered rehab. It might seem like Jon Jones has a big drug problem, and it must be a hard to fight this with the whole world watching. We just donĀ“t the extent of Jon Jones issues with cocaine, and why he has gone into rehab. It could be a way to get distances to everyone and all the questions, or maybe he know something we do not know. IMG_0336.JPGLike he just have a big problem with drugs and problems manage is life in general. Maybe Jon Jones knows what his post fight drug test result will show, and going into rehab is a response to damage control for what he knows will soon come. This is all speculations that is floating around here and all over internet. We just have to wait and see what happens. Anyways, cocaine is not banned out-of-competition, so Jon Jones hasn’t done anything illegally regarding the sports competition. But cocaine is illegal everywhere else, so it is bad when a great athlete and champion is using illegal substance, however and strangely enough not banned substance in sports. This said organisation like UFC can easily demand of their fighters to stay away from drugs, and issue penalty to those who cross the lines. It is worth noticed that Jon Jones shouldn’t been tested for substances like cocaine in the first place, and the Nevada Atheletic Commission calls this failure a “administrative oversight”. A discussion that might come, is how we define what is in and out of competition. Some argue that in-competition should be at least a whole week, or even longer. Today the understanding of out of competition is until the date of the event/competition. Cocaine doesn’t belong anywhere, and UFC shouldn’t be happy with a champion or anybody in their organisation linked to this kind of drug.


Earlier Jon Jones has welcome the out of competition drug test, we can still hope all this has not change his take on it.