Cung Le fails drug test after UFC Fight Night 48 in Macao China. Le got busted for grow hormone, also named as hGH (Wikipedia). UFC has now suspended Cung Le for 12 months. Cung Le comments regarding the failed drug test, that is was a big surprise for him, it must have been a inaccurate test and a false result. Cung Le says he has never used any PED’s.

Almost everybody in the MMA community wasn’t surprised at all when the news about Cung Le’s failed drug test was released. Recent pre fight pictures of Cung Le, fuelled suspicions that Cung Le was on “something”. Cung Le was suddenly looking like a monster, like action hero figure from comics books.

Luckily Michael Bisping won the fight, and justice was served. Bisping stopped Cung Le in round 4. Michael had this to say to

Fortunately, I won the fight. If I lost, I would be outraged and would have more to say. I don’t want to kick a man while he’s down. He has to explain this to his kids. Hopefully, this will be a lesson for him and everyone: this is not a road one should take. In some ways, I feel bad for him and he has to pay the consequences. He tried to cheat me out of a victory. If I would have lost to him, I wouldn’t be fighting Luke Rockhold in the main event, people would probably be asking me to retire … He tried to cheat me out of a lot. I’m glad the UFC is doing what they can to clean up the sport.”

Here you can see a pre fight interview with Bisping and Le discussing Le’ “HeMan-Look”

When will we see a real suspension for PED cheaters in the MMA sport? Penalties for 12 months is nothing for a fighter like Cung Le that fight barely once a year. It is time to suspend these cheaters 2-4 years, or maybe life time ban, please consider reading this article.