UFC Fighter PortraitsIt is very good news that Jon Jones is demanding and wants random drug tests for himself and his opponents. In a serious sport at a high level like UFC wants to be, it should be without saying that athletes should be tested at a proper and serious way. So the crazy thing is that Jon Jones have to ask or demand to have random drug testing before, it should be mandatory. The the long-term effects of performance-enhancing drugs seems to be not insignificant. There are examples from cycling that cyclist after admitted to doping have their best result in the sport. Athletes using PED for a short period, for example their off-season, can train much harder than others, and will have a huge advantage over their competitors.

What might be the solution stop doping in MMA

To make PED go away completely in sports must be the goal, but to get all the way there might be impossible. But getting much better is very possible. In almost any country in the world there is a anti-doping program approved by WADA. If UFC demands that every fighter in their organization must be incorporated in a WADA certified drug testing regime where they live, maybe then we can see MMA at the highest level become a fair and a clean sport.