Testosterone is the normal male hormone and is also the basis for the anabolic steroids.

Testosterone and EpitestosteroneThe effect you have to use testosterone is to get a quick build up of muscle.
The body produces testosterone and epitestosterone themselves, and secretes them into the urine in the ratio 1:1.
Use of testosterone increases the T / E ratio (measured in urine), and the T / E ratio greater sample 4 will be treated as an atypical findings and further analyzes will be performed according to specific criteria.
athletes who wants to improve their performance by taking testosterone can then also take epitestosterone to maintain the body’s normal balance between testosterone and epitestosterone. (T / E ratio).
Epitestosterone is then used as a way to conceal the use of testosterone. High levels of both drugs may indicate the use of testosterone that is disguised through the supply of epitestosterone.
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