jake-shields-ufc-131Jake Shields says he will ask for a title shot if he win impressively at UFC 171. Have in mind that Jake Shields was suspended for six months after testing positive for a banned substance at UFC 150. He didn´t reveal what ban substances he got busted for. So Should a fighter not playing with open cards be granted a title shot at the top of the MMA-sport? the championship of the world? It not good for the sport to have fighters fighting for the championship belt, when they have a failed drug tests, and we do not know what substance the fighter was using. Was it a PED?

Jake Shields seems like very nice guy, polite and smart, but he should release the drug test result from UFC 150, and let the public know what substances he was using. After he has done that he can get a title shot if he pass Hector Lombard at UFC 171. If Jake Shields do not reveal the drug test result he should maybe not be fighting at high level competition in sports at all. Fighters should not have the privilege to privacy regarding drug test result in sport. Ahtletic commissions like in Colorado who keep drug test result hidden are hurting sport, this is wrong and must stop.