Gene doping is a way to increase your performance by overriding its genetic potential by supplying genes that have a desired and hopefully temporary effect.

GeneDopingGene doping is defined as non-therapeutic use of cells, genes, genetic elements, or modulation of gene expressions that provides opportunities to increase the athlete’s performance.
Gendoping has been on the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA’s) list of prohibited substances since 2003, when they wanted to be at the forefront of developments in this field. It has long been aware that gendoping will come and it will be a great challenge to detect this advanced form of doping. To date, genes for EPO, human growth hormone and various growth factors highly relevant to use in gene doping and more will surely come.

It requires advanced analytics and detection technologies in laboratories, legislation in this field, education and enlightenment on all levels and a high degree of cooperation between people with this expertise. This will be the pillars in the fight against gene doping or so called genetically designed athletes.
WADA is committed to implementation of preventive measures against the use of gendoping in sport. In addition to that gene doping is on the doping list, WADA have gene doping as a priority research area, with the aim of developing new detection methods.
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