Ephedrine is a mild stimulant.

Ephedrine_-_10_x_30mgThere are a number of medicines that contain ephedrine, which is used in the treatment of various medical conditions – especially in connection with respiratory infections and low blood pressure.

Ephedrine is used as a dopant because of its stimulant effect, but it is also used as a slimming aid. The performance-enhancing effect is poorly documented, and in terms of impact on dieting, there is no scientific consensus.

Side Effects

Ephedrine has many of the same side effects as amphetamines, but milder. Upon ingestion of higher doses the effects on heart / vessel (including cardiac arrhythmias and increased blood pressure) and psyche become more prominent – and the risk of serious side effects increases.

Other , less serious side effects:

agitation, restlessness and sleep problems
headache , dizziness , nausea / vomiting
urination problems

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