What is doping

In the sports context, the definition of doping expanded. With doping in sport mean:

SPORT DIVERS - Features zum Thema Doping

  • The presence of prohibited substances in doping test
  • The use of substances and methods on the doping list
  • Not meet at the doping control
  • Not fulfill rules on athlete information / availability
  • Falsifying, interchanged or destroy doping test
  • Possess substance or prohibited method on the the prohibited list
  • Manufacture, import, export, sell, distribute, acquire, transmit or transfer the materials or methods on the prohibited list
  • Prescribing or providing a prohibited substance or method

All this can be considered as violating doping rules.

Prohibited List

World Anti-Doping Agency determines which substances and methods are prohibited to use in sport. Prohibited substances and methods are listed on the Prohibited List.

At least two of the following criteria must be present to include a substance or method on the doping list:

  • Substances or methods which have the potential performance improvement
  • Health risks for the athlete
  • Violation of the sport’s reputation

The most common doping substances

The most commonly used doping substances are tissue-building drugs (anabolic androgenic steroids), drugs that stimulate the central nervous system, narcotic drugs and blood doping.

Different doping methods

Anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS)
Blood Doping
Gene Doping
Amphetamine and Cocaine
Growth Hormone
Testosterone and Epitestosterone