Use of anabolic steroids provide both physical and psychological side effects.

  • Most anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS) are synthetic derivatives of the male hormone testosterone.
  • Testosterone is a hormone important for the development of male sexual characteristics, including muscle growth.
  • The use of AAS gives the same effect as natural testosterone in your body, but AAS seems significantly more powerful.
  • AAS provides for fast and great muscle growth when combined with exercise.

Side Effects

Cardiovascular disease

The use of AAS can increase cholesterol levels significantly, and there is evidence of increased incidence of cardiovascular diseases, particularly heart attacks among younger men. The heart is a muscle, and the use of AAS causes the heart to grow. It makes the heart becomes less elastic, which makes pumping ability deteriorated. It is also seen direct harmful effects on the heart muscle.

Liver damage

The use of large doses of anabolic androgenic steroids over time can cause serious liver damage.

Skin and hair

The use of AAS can cause acne, loss of scalp hair , stretch marks and pigmentation of the skin.

Muscles and tendons

Large muscle growth in a short time increases the risk of damage to the ligaments and tendons. Tear injuries are a relatively common side effect.

Growth disorders

In young , who have not passed puberty , the length growth stop permanently.

Gender -specific effects

Women have a more masculine look and develops male sex characteristics such as deepening of the voice , more body hair, menstrual disorders and larger clitoris. Men can develop breasts and testicles can be smaller. Both sexes risking sterility.

Psychiatric side effects

Anxiety, mood swings , irritability and increased use of violence is relatively common . Severe psychiatric side effects psychosis ( insanity ) and severe depression can also occur infrequently.

“Social Side Effects”

The use of AAS is often linked to risky behavior , abuse issues , crime and increased violence.
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