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Eye on Nov. 26 that her test result had come back positive for cannabinoids.

Texas law values secrecy over the public’s right to know, and so Texas did not release the positive test result when it received it.

A professional MMA fighter should not be using any illegal substances. If you have taken some illegal substances, and you still want to compete in sport, every drug test should be made public.[hr]Jessica Eye

Jessica Eye situation

Jessica Eye didn´t pass a drug test, and her last fight became a no-contest. The Texas athletic commission didn´t release the result, and the UFC didn´t release any real information regarding the drug test either. Jessica Eye did something illegal that turn her last fight into a no-contest battle. She didn´t come clean and told the truth about what was going on. Any top athlete does´t have right to conceal any drug test result.[hr]

Should Jessica Eye be fighting at UFC 170?

Jessica Eye have been busted for illegal substances, and she wouldn´t really clear the air when she talk to Ariel Helwani on theMMAHour show (source). Jessica Eye is suspended for a year. But it is kind of probation suspension, do this make any sense? Jessica Eye was caught for Marijuana usage. Is it okay for her to smoke Marijuana out of competitions? Well, it can be claimed that she can do what she wants at out competitions, and she wasn´t obligated to revealed that she has been smoking weed before the Sarah Kaufman fight. But MMA wants to be real sport with high standards, all fighters at anytime can not use any illegal substances. The UFC should not let Jessica Eye be on the UFC 170 Card. It makes it less interesting to watch, it´weathering the sport of MMA.

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