According to BBC´s news environment correspondent Matt McGrath´s article, early steroids use can benefit an athlete´s whole career. When a fighter get busted for illegal use of steroids, how long should this fighter be suspended? Is a year enough? The consequence of the Matt McGrath´s article is that a fighter maybe should be suspended for years. And it should also probably mean that a fighter on suspension must have a long drug testing regime before they are cleared from suspension. Read more on the research here.

Ken Shamrock interview with Inside MMA, he says the following: 
During my career when i was fighting. Steorids, I never enter in to the ring while I using steroids. I was never in the ring fighting with steroids, never, just to make that clear. But I have used steroids, in the past. …
Ken Shamrock makes a good point though that steroids awareness should start at the bottom. Force fighters from early age to always train and fight clean.

It does not make any sense when Ken Shamrock talking about not being on steroids in the ring. Even today he probably benefits from his previous steroids use.